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The Master-E : A CDL evaporator is now available in its electric version!

This concern for innovation is constant in the various CDL teams. For more than three years, the CDL Research and Development team has devoted itself, among other things, to pushing the current limits of evaporation. The thinking and working parameters are of course a mixture of the constraints related to the quality end products, as […]
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When collaboration and sharing come together

It was during the 2016 CDL open house event and the launch of my first volume at the Saint-Lazare CDL administrative centre that I discovered this unique and festive atmosphere gathering several Bellechasse families together with those from surrounding regions across Canada and the United States. This first activity also allowed me to realize the […]
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Step by step towards the smart sugarbush

Today, no matter what our lifestyle, we are short on time! The CDL 4.0 vision, progressing towards 5.0, allows all maple syrup production enthusiasts to realize their passion while preserving the quality of life that has become so dear to us. At CDL, this is what we had in mind when we started developing CDL […]
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A local regional service, efficient and there when it counts!

Taking care of our customers and adjusting to their changing needs has been one of CDL’s values since the very beginning and has been passed down through the generations. In order to offer its products as well as excellent service to all its customers, CDL will strengthen its regional service in the coming months and […]
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CDL Intelligence

Not that long ago, we never could have imagined, even in our wildest dreams, that we’d have access to a wealth of data in real time and be able to control virtually all of our sugaring equipment remotely. However, thanks to CDL Intelligence, that dream has been coming true in more and more sugarbushes over […]
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Taking your first steps with 100 taps

For a few years now, CDL has been encouraging hobbyists to experience the joys of maple sugaring by providing all the equipment beginners need. The information below will give you some insight into the kind of equipment you’ll be looking for as a new producer. To learn more, please check out our site or talk […]
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Take Good Care of your Membranes and they’ll Serve you Well!

Mastering the essentials: washing, maintenance, and storage If you have any type of reverse osmosis system, you already know how much valuable time it saves you. That is, as long as you maintain the membranes in order to maximize their performance. This means completing three essential steps each season: washing your membranes at the beginning […]
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A new opportunity for maple syrup producers: maple nectar

Vallier Chabot Co-owner of CDL, gives us an update on the maple nectar project. He answers questions from Annik Perron, editor for CDL’s Way. Annik Perron (AP)– Since 2016, your R&D team has been working on a process that allowed you to develop a new natural sweetener, maple nectar, that could benefit the industry and […]
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The CDL Variable Speed Extractor

The variable speed extractor operates by pumping sap continuously, even if the sap flow from the trees varies. The pump’s capacity rises or falls according to the amount of sap flowing into the extractor. It can do this thanks to a series of probes that continuously monitors the sap levels. The probes are connected to […]
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The Master Evaporator: Saving Green by Going Green

Today, producers who are looking for new equipment are generally seeking performance, profitability, simplicity, and time and energy savings. When a piece of equipment meets all these criterias, CDL recommends it without hesitation! The CDL Master Evaporator is the only one on the market to evaporate more than 5.1 imperial gallons (6 US gallons) per […]
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Sugarbush Trends: Pre-lashed mainlines and SpinSeal technology – a winning CDL combination!

If there is one constant at CDL, it’s our goal to simplify your sugarbush operations and save you time and money. With our pre-lashed mainlines and SpinSeal technology, these goals are fully within reach. The combined use of these two technologies, exclusive to CDL, continues to grow among our customers, both small and large maple […]
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Research on the effect of tubing colour on maple sap harvesting: the results

Collaboration between the Centre ACER and CDL Maple Sugaring Equipment In last spring’s issue of CDL’s Way, we discussed a research project on tubing colour, a collaboration between CDL and the Centre ACER. The project was still ongoing at the time, so the results weren’t known.  Today, we can finally share the main results of […]
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Total yields from red maples

Red maples (plaines, Acer rubrum) are abundant throughout the maple-producing region of the U.S. and Canada, particularly in southern and midwestern areas.  They’re able to adapt to diverse growing conditions and climates and can be found everywhere from moist soils and swamps to dry ridges and uplands.  Their ability to adapt to and thrive in […]
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The Flavours of our Land

As an anthropologist—a specialist in the study of cultural diversity—I have observed various agricultural practices in countries such as Mongolia, Chile, and Switzerland. Since my grandfather was raised to be totally self-sufficient, from producing his own food to crafting his own tools and clothing (for which his family grew flax), I have always been fascinated […]
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Hobbyists : Here’s the easiest way to make your own maple syrup !

We’ve collected a few simple ways to successfully make your own maple syrup using a few essential tools you can get at CDL. HOW DO YOU CHECK YOUR SYRUP’S PRECISE BOILING TEMPERATURE? First you need a syrup thermometer, like our candy thermometer (71750426 – see image A) or our dial thermometer (72920003 – see image […]
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Hobbyists : Tips for Choosing your CDL Wood-fired Evaporator

    At CDL, our experts are here to guide all types of maple syrup producers, from the smallest to the largest, from the beginner to the most experienced. To help new hobbyist maple syrup enthusiasts who want to produce maple syrup for fun, here are some details to get you started in your thinking […]
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CDL has been diversifying for several years now by adapting its equipment to harvest sap for birches and other trees. This has led to great potential in Europe, where birch sap (also called “birch water”) has been a popular drink since the 12th century. The growth of CDL and its European sap division began with […]
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A New Sweetener Coming Soon : Nectar !

Since 2016, our research and development team has been working on an innovative new project that will allow CDL to reach new markets and make even greater use of maple products. Many food processing companies are interested in a natural maple concentrate or sweetener that has a stable flavour, is highly nutritious and can be […]
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COLLABORATION BETWEEN CDL MAPLE SUGARING EQUIPMENT AND THE CENTRE ACER DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT Preliminary results from the Centre ACER and other research groups suggest that the colour of the materials used to collect maple sap could affect the volumes of sap collected and, consequently, sugar bush productivity. To date, studies have focused mainly on […]
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Picture a stunning valley in Ontario, where the Harmony River flows and 60,000 acres of forest stretch as far as the eye can see! Some 2,500 acres of that forest, in Harmony Bay, 40 kilometres north of Sault Ste. Marie, was chosen as the birthplace of Black Bird Management Ltd.’s maple sugaring division. Since 1990, […]
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CDL Intelligence : Making Our Custumers Everyday Lives Easier !

CDL Monitoring has been taken to another level recently. It’s become CDL Intelligence, because it’s now a complete sugar bush management system. Our vision was to create a system that supports you every day, like a second brain, helping you automate repetitive daily tasks so you no longer need to think about them. We also […]
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Back to the first season of our New Nano RO !

Just before the last season, CDL had introduced two new Reverse Osmosis Systems for the enthusiastic hobby maple producers. These small units are economical and simple to use. Highly efficient and consume very little electric power and are operated on 110 volts power or a small power generator. The technology allows energy and evaporation time […]
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Stories of maple syrup maker families

The Chabots, master maple syrup producers for  140 years and 5 generations !  Their names are Pierre, Alphée, Adrien, the ancestors who passed on their passion and know-how to the co-founders of CDL, three brothers with complementary skills: Jean-Marie, Christian and Yvan Chabot. This fourth generation then gave way to the sons of Jean-Marie, Vallier, […]
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April Lemay in front of her displays

April Lemay: an inspiring female maple producer!

At the beginning of last April, I had the chance to interview a very inspiring maple producer and a successful woman-owned business: April Lemay. Hope you enjoy this interview and learn more about her company, April’s Maple, her values, her professional background and her daily life. Happy reading!
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Vente au détail / Retail sales

Retail sales: How to stand out from your competition!

Selling retail your maple syrup or transforming it in multiple products, here are a few tips to help you stand out from your competition!
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Sève végétale / Tree sap

Tree water and CDL: a winning team!

Did you know that CDL has developed expertise over the past fifteen years in plant sap, and more specifically in birch sap?
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Tubulure / Tubing system

For a healthy tubing system

A healthy tubing system means maximum return on your investment! Here are a few tips to help you.
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Jean-Marie Chabot

Tapping tips by Mr. Jean-Marie Chabot

On October 27th, 2020, I had the chance to interview a person with extensive experience in the maple syrup industry, Mr. Jean-Marie Chabot, co-founder of CDL Maple Sugaring Equipment. This seasoned entrepreneur shared his tapping tips with us so that both newbies and the more experienced of you, dear customers, can brush up on your skills as the new season dawns. We hope you will benefit from this interview, happy reading!
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