Sugarbush Trends: Pre-lashed mainlines and SpinSeal technology – a winning CDL combination!

By Christian Gosselin, CDL product manager - Forest Division

If there is one constant at CDL, it’s our goal to simplify your sugarbush operations and save you time and money. With our pre-lashed mainlines and SpinSeal technology, these goals are fully within reach. The combined use of these two technologies, exclusive to CDL, continues to grow among our customers, both small and large maple syrup producers. This combo will save you $0.75/tap in labour and materials. It’s the best value for money in the industry as it provides you with a long-lasting reliable system that requires little maintenance. As they say, just try it; you’ll love it!

The CDL pre-lashed mainline: one pass and it’s done

Installing pre-lashed tubing is three times faster than a traditional installation because it takes just one step instead of three, which explains its ever-growing popularity. In addition, it has a superior quality, high-tension main wire and stainless-steel lashing wire for added durability. Consider using CDL’s pre-lashed mainline to make your life easier when installing at heights or in rough terrain. You no longer have to run lash wire on site since we take care of this step in our factory, according to our highest quality standards. Rest assured that in the end, the cost of purchasing and installing the CDL pre-lashed mainline will save you money and increase short and long-term profitability compared to a traditional mainline, while offering longer durability and a 10-year warranty to boot!

First, install and secure the mainline spool on your trailer. At the installation site, unroll the tubing at the intended location. Thanks to its quality manufacturing, the tubing slides easily over the ground without getting stuck, even on uneven ground. Next, mark off the manifold run using orange tape. The run should be as straight as possible. If you must zigzag between trees, make long sections to minimize frictional pressure against the tree bark while unrolling. If the geography of the terrain requires you to make curves of more than 15 degrees, use an open pulley to protect the pipe from being crushed by frictional pressure during unrolling. Install a clamp on each end of the manifold to hold the wire in place, then attach it to the head as desired. Using a hand winch, stretch the wire to the desired tension. Run the entire length of the manifold and install all required guy wires to support and tighten the mainline. Check and adjust wire number 9 so that it is pointing upwards along its entire length. If the ground has only a slight slope, use a professional quality construction level to check that the minimum slope is met. For long distances between guy wires, use stakes. With these simple steps, installation of your mainline is complete. It’s as easy as that! This easy installation will most certainly save you time and ensure long lasting performance.

SpinSeal technology: installs in under two minutes!

CDL’s mainline fusion process is revolutionizing the installation of fittings. Like all CDL equipment, SpinSeal saves you time and money. With the SpinSeal welder, installing fittings on the mainline has never been faster — installation can be completed in less than two minutes. The SpinSeal fitting fusion process eliminates leaks and guarantees better long-term performance and an unmatched seal. SpinSeal fittings are designed to be compatible with the vast majority of CDL’s range of mainlines. Before starting installation in the forest, it is recommended that you conduct calibration tests first. To get started, install a fitting on a small sample of tubing using the SpinSeal welder. A good weld will form a weld bead all around the fitting. You will see a small amount of smoke just before the tool stops. As with all CDL equipment, the instructions in the SpinSeal technology User’s Manual will help you confirm that your weld has been done properly. Please keep this manual and refer to it as needed or contact our team if you have any questions.

Here’s how to install your SpinSeal fittings: Take the SpinSeal welder, a charged battery, the fittings and install the drilling template with drill bit on your drill. First, insert the fitting into the welder. Make sure it is fully inserted all the way to the bottom. Position yourself on the mainline at the location of your choice and squeeze the clamp of the welder until you hear a click. This sound tells you that it is properly attached. Once in position, press the green button, keeping your hand on the clamp during the entire welding process. The welding time, indicated by a green light, will be shown first. Allow the required cooling time to ensure proper adhesion. The cooling time is indicated by a blue light, and a beep will sound when done. Then remove the SpinSeal from the fitting at an angle. 

Using the drilling template and drill bit, you can now drill the tubing. Keep the drill running throughout the entire drilling process. Insert the drill into the fitting and snap it into place. Make sure to maintain the angle and let the drill bit do the work. Don’t worry, the residue will stay attached to the drill bit. And that’s it! All you have to do now is attach your tubing to your mainline. SpinSeal is a 100% fused mainline system, efficient and effective for all types of maple syrup producers. In addition to being an eco-friendly product, it is simple, fast and saves you money on everything.

Ask about these two technologies at one of our branches or contact a representative. Our team will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.

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