Retail sales: How to stand out from your competition!

Eric Labrecque

By Eric Labrecque, Sales Manager - Packaging Division

Selling your maple syrup in retail or transforming it into a value added product, here are a few tips to help you stand out from your competition!


The only thing your competition will never be able to copy is your history!  People are always interested to know more about you!  Do not hesitate to share the origin of your passion for maple sugaring as well as the history of your business or your products.  The attachment feeling between your customers and you and your business will only grow if they know you better.


A good way to keep the interest of your clientele is to regularly add to your product offering.  As an example, you could come up with a new product each year or offer a new size for an existing product.  Don’t be afraid to ask your customer what they are looking for!  Innovate more than your competition; don’t be afraid to be daring!

Complementary offer!

Sometime, you only have to offer a complementary product or service to increase your sales.  If you already have a maple BBQ sauce, why not add a dry rub.  It would be a nice duo for any BBQ expert!

It’s important to increase your complementary offer inside your business, but also with businesses outside of your market.  Why not suggest to a local bakery to sell your new maple caramel?  During the sugaring season, you could offer fresh bread and develop an interesting partnership, who knows?

Home delivery can also be part of your complementary offer, especially during a pandemic.


Do you remember the feeling of opening a Christmas gift?  Try to give your customers the same feeling when they unwrap your products!  Nice packaging is an art and it does have a significant impact!  It must hook your customer and it also need to be distinctive.  An interesting way to do it is to include a brief history of your company.  Suggest other ways to use the product or you can even add recipe ideas!


Offer a personalization service for your products or your packaging.  Customers like to stand out and they want a turnkey service.  It can be as simple as offering different colors for the packaging, leave a space to write “To and From”.  For wedding favors, add a personalized card with graphics and a special message from the groom and bride!

Don’t hesitate to personalize your service by adding a handwritten note to thank your customers for example.  A little extra can make a big difference!

What little extra will you work on this coming year?

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