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Special collaboration by Réjean Bilodeau, Writer and researcher on maple syrup production

It was during the 2016 CDL open house event and the launch of my first volume at the Saint-Lazare CDL administrative centre that I discovered this unique and festive atmosphere gathering several Bellechasse families together with those from surrounding regions across Canada and the United States. This first activity also allowed me to realize the strength that emanates from this family of entrepreneurs who venture out and influence those in maple syrup production by providing them with the necessary maple syrup production equipment, but more importantly, by sharing their entrepreneurial spirit and desire to achieve impeccable excellence!

I remember very well the moment, while addressing the crowd on a platform improvised by Mr. Jean-Marie Chabot, when I understood that CDL, with the Chabot family at its head, would be the most efficient way for me to spread our Bellechasse identity throughout North America via maple syrup production. Shortly thereafter, Bellechasse was recognized as the birthplace of the world’s maple syrup production technology with the support of the RCM and the governments of Ottawa and Quebec, all before our logo was created under the supervision of Mr. Claude Lepage, cultural director at the RCM of Bellechasse.

Since then, CDL has continued to feature our logo in tens of thousands of printings in its various publications and advertisements, in addition to purchasing several hundred of my four volumes, published in 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2022. These historical volumes mainly contain the family histories of Bellechasse and Quebec families, highlighting the Bellechasse figures who have helped us find and shape our identity. They are, in chronological order, the Goulet, Vaillancourt, Labrie, Métivier, Chabot, Boutin, and Pouliot families, all preceded by Michel Sarrazin.

At the time of writing, Bellechasse, through its RCM and the Fabrique de Saint-Philémon, is concentrating its efforts in the Parc régional du Massif du Sud and at the church of Saint-Philémon, in order to create two identity-based sharing centres: one on an international scale, focused on audiovisual, and the other on a regional scale, focused on museums and the Bellechasse identity. With this spirit of pride, we are initiating these two projects supported by this niche heritage that has branded Bellechasse as the birthplace of maple syrup production in North America for more than 300 years, while CDL shares our identity in Western and Northern Europe with France and Latvia.




Jean-Marie Chabot was recognized as the World Master of Maple Syrup Entrepreneurship in 2017 and received a trophy from the I.M.A.C. Institute, where he was unanimously recognized by all members, in 2014. Under the leadership of Jean-Marie, who is joined by his three sons, CDL has become a world leader after 30 years of operation!

The 3 best for sharing our identity on a global scale: the 3 brothers Martin, Marc-André, and Vallier Chabot

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