Objectives and mission

Since its founding in 1991, CDL Inc. has become an integrated company in the design, manufacture and marketing of sugar bush equipment. With a solid financial position, CDL has become an undisputed leader in the field of maple syrup production. It invests tirelessly in the development of innovative products and new technologies intended to improve the development of maple groves, the harvesting and the processes for transforming maple sap into syrup or by-products.

Its leaders, also maple syrup producers who know the needs of this sector of activity, are recognized today as pioneers and major players in the development of sugar bush techniques and equipment. This allows them to increase the profitability and efficiency of the operations of maple syrup producers throughout Eastern North America (tap yield, syrup quality, high-performance and reliable methods-equipment). , allowing them to significantly reduce their operating and energy costs, despite the variable climatic conditions observed over the past decade, and all this, within the framework of a winning long-term business relationship. . Family values and expertise in innovation, transmitted by President Jean-Marie Chabot to his children and other employees, are an integral part of the corporate culture.

As a follow-up to CDL’s strategic planning in 2007, carried out in collaboration with its employees, the current leaders of CDL were able to draw up guidelines for the development of the company, including the priority objectives to be met in the years to come. To do this, they made sure to fully understand the situation that prevailed in the maple industry before and its multiple trends. In addition, the expertise acquired over the years has made it possible to properly analyze and understand the needs of Canadian and American maple syrup producers. In order to achieve these objectives, performance indicators focused on maintaining leadership, the company’s excellent reputation in the maple syrup industry in Canada and the United States, customer satisfaction, the degree of innovation and quality of process products, the expertise and professionalism of its employees, the effectiveness of its communications and marketing, and finally the increase in its already dominant market share, at around 40% in its sector. of activities.

Research and development of new, innovative and high-performance products are part of the daily routine of the entire CDL group. The ultimate goal is to constantly improve the quality of maple products and increase the net income of its customers. To this end, the company has partnered with credible players in the maple syrup industry, namely “The Federation of Maple Syrup Producers of Quebec (FPAQ)” – “The ACER Research Center, QC” – and the “Faculty of Agriculture from Laval University, QC”. To do this, CDL leaders have made it their mission to always sell products of irreproachable quality, purchased or manufactured at the best price, which respect the needs, trends, and laws and regulations of the maple syrup industry. They know that producers are looking for high-performance, durable, reliable products, delivered on time and offered at competitive prices, with competent and fast service, because the sugaring season is getting earlier and shorter.

CDL’s vision for the future is to remain a reference and a recognized leader in its field in North America, by focusing on new solutions intended to improve the techniques and manufacturing processes of maple products, while maintaining an acceptable quality-price ratio of the products offered in the markets served. To guarantee a good synergy of development, our company takes into account the major challenges facing the maple syrup industry (high cost of energy and labor, production quotas and control of the selling price of syrup , interest rate volatility, global warming, increased food quality and availability requirements from consumers of maple products, etc.).

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